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Easy to Transport 

Compact flag folds up nicely so you can take it anywhere. Fits in your pocket, flies in your hand. 

Bold Colors

Choose the color that matches exactly the mood you want to express. Colors have special meanings that activate your spirit and your mind. 

Surprising Fun

Feel like a kid again. Experience the moment the flag catches the air. It has a smooth flow.  It is so easy to feel graceful.  


Each flag comes with a personal message and a birthday. Something special just for you waits inside each bottle.


We are passionate about play and its potential to set people free to live their best life. We are a woman-owned business based in Redding, CA founded by Angel Inokon, a Harvard and Stanford trained designer and educator.

Our unique design allows the flags to fly without a stick so you can travel with them anywhere. Joya Flags have reached countries all over the world including Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Korea and Canada.

Within 3 years we would like to provide jobs for women in Nepal and South Africa who are being threatened by Human trafficking.

We invite you to join our mission by signing up to learn more.
Angel Inokon, CEO & Founder

Angel Inokon, CEO & Founder

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