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Joya Flags | Production Assistant - Cutter & Iron Tech

About Joya Flags

We are passionate about setting people free. Our unique design allows the flags to fly without a stick so you can travel with them anywhere. To date, Joya Flags have reached countries all over the world including Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Korea and Canada. Within 3 years we would like to provide jobs for women in Nepal and South Africa who are being threatened by Human trafficking. We are a proud woman-owned business in Redding, CA founded by Angel Inokon, a Harvard and Stanford trained designer and educator.


About the Position

Quiet moments with your favorite podcast, worship song and a table full of beautiful fabric.

Quiet moments with your favorite podcast, worship song and a table full of beautiful fabric.

As the Production Assistant - Iron Tech, you are part of the Product & Delivery team that manufactures our bold, beautiful swing flags.  In your role as Cutter, you lead the pipeline of work that starts every flag. In your role as Iron Tech, you will fold, iron and pin the seams that give every flag a clean professional look. Precision and excellence is your motto. You thrive when you have clear tasks, a simple deadline and the autonomy to work on your own schedule. Your role is all about taking action and getting things done right. You feel great when you can see your contributions helping other people, and when you are valued by your team.



  • Measure and cut fabric to specifications

  • Fold, Iron and pin seams into silky fabric, according to specifications

  • Report progress and inventory to Production Manager

  • Receive fabric and material deliveries at home or work-site

  • Drop finished work on a weekly basis to drop site

  • Ensure workspace and materials are in good working condition

  • Work collaboratively with Production Manager and other team members



What we're looking for:

  • Attention to detail and solid work ethic

  • Experience working with hands (e.g crafts, origami, sewing, or sculpture)

  • Clean area to work from home or ability to travel to our work-site

  • Able to schedule time effectively and deliver consistently

  • High School degree or higher is preferred


Compensation Plan

You are paid by the flag. Depending on your volume you could make $200 - $300 a month.


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What is your home address?
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3. What date are you available to begin working/training?
It takes about 2 - 3 hrs train for this role and another one week of supervised work to feel proficient. If you pass training and submit your first 2 flags correctly you will be paid $50 for training.
You can fit the work around your schedule. Flags are due weekly by Sunday. We hope you can devote about 7 hrs - 15 or more hours a week.
5. Can you commit to working for 6 months or more. *
Because of the training involved we love it when people stick around.
6. Is this your primary source of income? *
This job is best for people who want to supplement their income.
7. Can you use PayPal or cash app? *
You are paid weekly via cashApp or PayPal. Are you willing to receive payment through this service?