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Our Story

Joy is a superpower that lives inside us. If we harness the power of play, it can give you the energy to transform our lives and even the world. - Angel

Joya Flags is comprised of women who are passionate about play and movement to change lives and empower families. We want to create the best products possible for our customers. 

The name Joya means joy and activated. We believe that inside of everyone is this amazing resource -  joy. Our flags help you reconnect with joy and feel like a child again. It is totally energizing and transformative.

The company was founded in 2016 by Angel Inokon

Angel's story

In 2011 the unthinkable happened I lost my job, my health was failing, I couldn't pay my mortgage, and worse both my parents were in the hospital dying of heart failure.

A counselor suggested I recover my joy before trying to rescue anyone or anything. So I crafted - 90 Days of Play, a commitment to do something fun every day.

I hated it. I spent the first week in bed. After my pity party, I began to lean into the experience of having fun.  Before the 90 days were even up, my energy shifted and my problems began to resolve. 

Play gave me an emotional resilience, a sense of curiousity as I solved problems, and it was beautifying experience as lightness infused my eyes.

I now had a new motivation to share this revelation with the world. I started with a simple tool that brought me a great deal of joy during my 90 Days of Play - flags.

I had all kinds of flags, cloths and streamers. But my favorite were the ones that didn't make me feel awkward walking through the gym. So we eliminated the stick, sewed in a weight and balanced it perfectly so it would fly effortlessly.  Joya Flags was born!

Our flags are deeply satisfying and fun to fly.  We hope you give them a try and let us know what you experience. 

Joya to the world!