Green Joya Flag

Joya Flags Shoot - November 2016-26.jpg
Joya Flags Shoot - November 2016-26.jpg

Green Joya Flag


Green is a sign of health and life. Many national flags incorporate this color to symbolize the pride of their nation. Green can symbolize new beginnings, prosperity, harvest, seed, growth...and well, my money is green so let's add wealth. It's a great gift for someone wanting courage for change. Huzzah!

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About Our Joya Flags

Move with freedom with Joya flags. These are stick-less swing flags so you never worry about poking an eye out.

Flags are made with excellence. We use 100% china poly-silk and lead weighting. When the flag is not moving it looks like a simple veil. However, it flows easily and makes a light whipping sound when it moves. Our customers love the sound!

The flag size is approximately 33x45 inches
One size fits all
Folds easily to fit in your bag
Easy to use for people age 6 and up
Machine washable and Dryer-safe
Safe to iron or steam as necessary on low setting
There are weights on two sides of the fabric that allow the flag to fly
Ages 6 and up

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