What Does Your Flag Say? A Guide to Colors and Meaning


What Does Your Flag Say? A Guide to Colors and Meaning

Red. Yellow. Green. Every flag you wave has a specific color. With each color, the flag brings fresh meaning to your movement. Today on the blog, we're excited to bring to you a fresh guide that provides you with the full and complete meanings of your flag colors.

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What Does Your Flag Say? A Guide to Colors and Meaning

Means the Blood of Jesus, war, cleansing, justification, the covenant of grace, atonement, the wrath of God, judgement, death, love, life, sacrifice, war, consuming fire, the cross, the person of Jesus, intense, inviting, strength, roses, fragrant, a gift

Praise, warfare, passion, power, fire, harvest season, fruitfulness & joy. 

Yellow or Gold 
Glory of God, divine nature, holiness, eternal deity, the Godhead, purification, majesty, righteousness, divine light, mercy, power, glory, change

new growth, new life, prosperity, vigor, youthfulness, restoration, eternal life, mercy, healing, freshness, God’s holy seed, harvest, sowing and reaping, immortality, fresh oil, joy in hope, new beginnings

healing, being the color of God’s throne, eternal presence of YAHWEH, inviting, trust, the color of God’s chosen nation, people of Israel, dates back to the time of David, prayer, priesthood,
authority,  Grace, divinity, Holy Spirit, overcomer, revelation knowledge.  

Purple or Violet 
Royalty, passion, wealth, power, penitence, kingdom authority, the name of God, dominion, son-ship, the promises of God, inheritance, mediator, priesthood.

Messiah, glory, Rose of Sharon, the Father’s heavenly care over the Lillie’s of the field (His children), symbolizes heart of flesh, right relationships, intimacy, and child-like faith

Represents the price paid for redemption, price of a soul, Word of God, strength, Spirit, revelation, grace, Word of God, divinity, wisdom, purity or strengthens faith

It represents health, when describing hair. primordial color of creation.  Can also mean hidden things.  Contrast or authority.  Depth, mystery.

Purity, holiness, Creator, righteousness acquired through the blood, the Bride’s garment, salvation, surrender, saints, angels, peace, triumph, victory, glory, light, and joy!

Say more with a combination

Red & White: Passion & Purity

Pink & White: God of creation, peace over all he has made and the lilies of the field

Red, Orange, Yellow: A passionate, reckless love, and heavenly fire