Meditation is hot

Everywhere you turn meditation is being touted as the end all and be all of every medical concern from insomnia to infertility. Countless studies propose that if we enter our minds we will find healing, even God. What they don't say is many of us want all those benefits but we feel too busy.  

When finally convinced to school ourselves on the topic we find the practice most troublesome. I can't quiet my mind even if I want to. Experts say meditation is a skill and those who are new must not expect to master it at once. There are a few good apps you can download, I've tried them. I like the appeal of having something in my hands but I find that I am one click away from something actually interesting. Meditation apps are cool. Perhaps they will work for you. 

I propose we might need to find our own onramp.

No kid is expected to beat Lance Armstrong his first time on a bicycle. There is such a thing as training wheels. I would like to offer you training wheels for meditation. What if we could give your mind something to focus on while rewarding it with endorphins every time it meditates.

How? Flag with me.

Flag movement like all movement has the opportunity to engage the mind and calm the body. Interestingly movement can be the fastest way to achieve stillness.  You see ever since ancient times movement has been used to focus the mind. Think of the monks or holy people using beads or ancient hebrews counting nots on prayer shawls. By engaging the mind we deactivate it passively.

So Let's apply it to a Joya Flag.

Try it: Meditation Exercise

Pick up your flag and join me on a Moving Meditation with Joya Flags. Check out a video (to be posted) that explains some movements that will get you into the flow zone before long. 

Let's try it together.

  1. Pick a flag color that you love (browse our shop)
  2. Play repetitive music. This is optional - Here is one of my favorites
  3. Start meditating
  • Breathing in and out from your belly, grab the flag at the tag.
  • Do a wave pattern or any pattern that is not hard for you and is fluid.
  • Count up from one to 20 and back down again slowly. 
    Bonus: Instead of counting you can say simple phrases. Phrases like "All is well. I am well." "I am loved and so very lovable." "God is in control" 

Keep this up for 1 minute and then rest. Try again after resting and see if you can go 2 minutes. Do this every day right before breakfast or when you first wake up. 

Your goal, believe it or not, is to not multitask. Your goal is to either admire the flags moving or feel the gratitude of the phrases you are repeating. Feel the joy, arousal or inspiration it brings you. Connect to that. When you find your mind or body pulling away repeat the phrase and romance it all back together.

Repeating phrases is a powerful way to build new mental pathways. These phrases can become the gateway through which you can re-enter your meditation during a busy time of your day. Tip: Tuck your phrase in your wallet and you will find yourself enter back into that flowing feeling.

Congrats you did it!. Now when you are at the office you can brag, "Yes l meditate." No one has to know you are having fun.